My Most Essential Face Brushes

posted on: Friday, 17 January 2014

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Sephora I.T Foundation Brush - This is not an essential for myself as I always just use my fingers to apply my own foundation but for use on other people I love this foundation brush. I still favour a good old fashioned flat foundation brush or sponge when doing other people's base makeup. This Sephora one is fantastic because the bristles are not too densely packed and it's not quite pancake flat which gives a better finish and is easier to clean!
Illamasqua Blending Brush - Technically an eyeshadow brush but I love this for concealer especially under the eyes. It's synthetic so it works perfectly with creams and liquids and it's incredibly soft so it blends concealer seamlessly and is great for cleaning up after eyeshadow. 
MAC 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush - This is fantastic for dusting loose powder over foundation when you don't need a heavy amount. This is what I always use on myself as I don't like to look too powdered. It's nice and flat for getting right under the eyes and it's also handy to dust away any sprinkles of eyeshadow that fall down underneath the eyes from the lid.

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Real Techniques Contour Brush - I used to use all different sorts of brushes to contour with until I found this one and now I almost never use anything else. It's a perfect shape - not too big and tapers to a dome but not a point which means it gives a lovely even blend. It's also synthetic so great if you use creams to contour with. It would also work well for a cream highlight.
MAC 109 Small Contour Brush - I've had this brush for years and it's always been my favourite to use for blusher. I favour smaller brushes in general but particularly for blusher as I like to be quite specific about the placement. There's a few dupes for this and I know some people prefer the Illamasqua Highlight Brush which is similar but personally I think there's something about the particular shape and size of the 109 that makes it better.
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - I tend to use this as a finishing brush. After applying each product, blusher, contour etc. I will buff over it with this to make sure it's blended and that there's no lines. It may not sound that necessary but it makes a big difference! I also use this to stipple cream concealer over any surface redness like tops of cheeks etc.

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Cozzette S140 Highlight Brush - This is a great little multi-use brush. It's lovely for blusher, powder highlighter, bronzer around the edges of the face or for applying powder to specific areas. I did a full review on it here.
Illamasqua Powder Brush - I like to have one really large powder brush for applying bronzer to the neck and chest or for getting a quick all over bronzed look to the face. This one is amazingly soft synthetic hair...if you've never felt Illamasqua brushes before you need to! It always applies bronzer lovely and evenly.

I could have added a few more to this list since brushes are one of my favourite things but I thought I'd keep it at a condensed 8! If you'd like to see my most essential eye makeup brushes you can look back on that post here!

A Little Makeup Haul

posted on: Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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I don't usually post 'hauls' because I never buy too much makeup all at once but here's a few bits and pieces that I picked up over the past month!

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YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat B20 - This was actually a Christmas present from my sister. I've wanted to try it for ages now since a lot of people love it. I haven't been using it for too long but so far so good! It's very lightweight and natural with a light-medium coverage. 
MAC Studio Careblend Powder Light Plus - I decided to get this as I'm running out of my Dior powder and I wanted something less expensive! I was also curious to see how it differed from the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural since I like that one too. I've only used it a few times so far so I'll have to use it a bit longer before I give you my verdict! 
MAC Harmony Blusher (Contour Powder) - A bit of a boring purchase since I use this all the time but it's a fantastic contour powder!

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MAC Tan Pigment - I don't own many pigments from MAC mainly because I don't use pigments that much but Tan is such a beautiful colour that I think I will get a good bit of use out of. It's a peachy-champagne and I think it will pair well with lots of different eyeshadows. 
MAC Hang-Up Lipstick - I used my empties to 'Back to MAC' for this lipstick. It's like Rebel but deeper and more berry rather than pink. It's a gorgeous shade but it can apply a bit unevenly which is a bit of a bummer. 

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Eldora H126 Lashes - I've been loving Eldora lashes since discovering the brand last year. The H126's are three-quarter lashes which I love as they still give the effect of a full lash but are more comfortable to wear.
Eldora H128 Lashes - These are another favourite from Eldora. They're similar to the MAC #7's. I really like to cut these ones into half lashes too for wearing just on the outer corners.
MAC #20 Lashes - These are half lashes which are so easy and comfy to wear and really help elongate the eyes. 

So that's it for my few little purchases! Let me know if you've tried any of these!

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Review

posted on: Sunday, 5 January 2014

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I've been fake tanning every now and again over winter to warm my skin up a bit and the Clarins Liquid Bronze* has been my favourite tan to use on my face. I saw this probably a couple of years ago now on Tanya Burr's Youtube as one of her favourite tanning products and always wanted to try it out since then as I think she always has a gorgeous looking tan.

I apply it at night using a piece of cotton wool and it leaves a very light natural colour which I like as I never go for a dark tan and it's not a bit orangey. It just leaves you looking very healthy - like you've been outside on a sunny day! It applies very evenly - no accumulation in areas like around the mouth and I don't even notice it wearing off so it must wear off evenly too! It does fade quickly though but that's expected since I use cleanser on my face everyday. I'd say you'd need to apply it several times a week if you want to keep the colour up.

There's no nasty smell at all and it doesn't dry out my skin so overall it's a winner! Definitely check it out if you're into fake tanning especially if you like just a subtle bit of colour. It retails at €26.

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